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Just Me-- Marisa

Just Me-- Marisa started this conversation
Please- Please help me.. I really need this help, I’m trying to get $3000 to make it to the end of the year.. I have only got together $55.62, I would appreciate all and any help possible right now. I will take ANYTHING at this point I setup this account but I don’t know if it works- Please let me know even IF you can’t help me.. I do thank you for taking the time to even open and read this email.
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i dont need anything but clothes if anyone can help me please let me know i wear size 7 in jeans and size medium in shirts and 7 in shoes ..please in desprate need !!
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Just Me-- Marisa   in reply to lostandalone
To begin your search you can see what your state has to offer, usually through your state Housing Finance Agency or State Department of Housing and Economic Development which you can find at www.govengine.comor by looking at the National Council of State Housing Agencies listing at

Calling your local United Way office is also a great way to find resources. In many communities you can simply call “211” to reach the United Way's 211 Call Center ( ). This informative call center will help you find resources in your area. Explain to them that you are looking for organizations that help people with their mortgage concerns and they will typically give you a list of organizations. When we called our local 211 office, we were given three different organizations to call.

Money and Help For A Better Job

Free Help For Low Income

Volunteer Organizations
There are a number of national volunteer organizations around the country that offer grants and other free services to solve problems for people in their community. Find your local club for each of the organizations below and contact them for information on their programs. These organizations run programs that offer money for: -day care services -summer camp -scholarships -travel -free eye glasses -cataract surgeries -health problems -medical equipment, and -money for emergencies
Kiwanis International 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268-3196 317-875-8755 http://www.kiwanis.orgfin... a local Kiwanis club
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i have been read your post and was wounding if you could help me. I have been live with my boyfriend for about almost now. i have got sick and missed so work and went back an d got sick again. now his grandparent who we live are mad at me and my as me to move out and i have no where to go.
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hello how are doing
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in respond to MZRisssA,go to the fire station an ask for a free car seat ,they are going to help you .
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 in response to della...   pzzzzzzzzzzzzz get back if u still have them pzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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MzRisssa - I don't have much this year to share but I have a few gift cards I received for my birthday that I can pass on to you. (Sears equaling 50.00 and a Toys R Us that I believe is for 30.00). Let me know if this helps. della
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